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September 22, 2011

Google + for the 150 people left

Google + left for 150 people only! Google's new product is a form of social networking google, looks like twitter but could chat like facebook. a few days ago, the service is still closed he has fulfilled the required number?

+ google really still in the development stage, and because google + go ahead take the test again then google reopen to the public service is only limited seats available only for 150 people only.

for those of you who want to register and to taste how the latest products live google is my friend list and accepted only if you have not run out of places to go to become a member on google +.
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Blogger Sharing - Office Tab Enterprise 7 x86

Blogger Sharing - Office Enterprise Tab 7 x86, tampilah of this software like the above picture, if my friend is not with the office of the Share tab Backlink is little to explain about this one application.

The Office tab is software that makes viewing documents we have open in one windows only, if you frequently use the internet you can already see examples of the tabs that are used all browsare applications, examples of office install tabs on your office programs

so you sleep not bother - bother clicking on the windows that have been opened in a more practical line of star's menu, just click the tab beside it if my friend wanted to open a second file and so on.

you can try to install Office Tab on your computer if you want to taste the convenience provided this software, just copy and download it

Office Tab Enterprise 7 x86 you can get here
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September 20, 2011

Titanic Necklace Stolen

Titanic necklace stolen? Oh god what is actually happening! Share backlink to read a little news about the necklace a Titanic passenger's necklace stolen while starring in Denmark, while the necklace is part of the ill-fated ship artifacts.

exhibition held in Copenhagen Tivoli park, the police in Tivoli are investigating the identity of the thief. Local government has also provided competition for anyone who can return the necklace. Return the money of 1,000 euros

It is said that the necklace belonged to Eleanor Widener a first-class passengers from the United States who survived the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. Eleanor Widener, owner of the necklace, comes from the Widener family. They are a family that is quite influential and very rich in America.

by Torben Planks at the time of the theft protective glass is not broken, nor the security alarm sounded, he also added the incident is very embarrassing.

Owner exhibition, Luis Ferreiro, saying "It's a very important part. Artifact story of someone who was on the ship that had sunk decades ago," he told The Associated Press.
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September 18, 2011

Share Baklink - speed up bit torrent download

Bit Torren "How To Accelerate Download BitTorrent" Perhaps you have been using this application and for some it is extremely profitable and without having to keep waiting, for each file that you downloaded we do not have to keep waiting for dowload left and continue until finished

but in terms of download speed is very slow until we assessed extra patient, if the file you downloaded has a size of up to 1 gigabyte takes a few days (6-8 hours download active)).

Bit Torrent applications that we use to download files via torrent certainly feel that there is very good software, and this time Share Backlink to accelerate download torrent, you need to do is change some values :

change the value of number of connections
global maximum of two times the initial value
maximum number of two times the initial value

after that you change the return value of queuing
maximum number of aktive torrent two times the initial value
maximum number of aktive download two times the initial value

all you have to remember is if my friend to change this value too large will reduce the speed of your computer, so that the input value only when necessary.

try bit torrent here
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